Here's how MedSavvy works.

What we do
What we do
Our pharmacists evaluate common prescription medicines based on available evidence about how well medications work, how good the science is behind the research, and we assign each drug a report-card-style grade. We also include the studies we evaluated, the strengths and weaknesses, and the known market prices for each medication.
How you can use it
How you can use it
You get access to side-by-side views of common medications that include out-of-pocket costs, effectiveness, side-effects and overall grades. You may find an equally effective or more effective medication for you, at a lower price. With MedSavvy, you'll have the information you need to talk to your doctor and make the best decision for you.
Who we are
Who we are
We are pharmacists, independent of any other interests, who want you to have access to the best information and expert guidance available so you can make better decisions about your medications and treatments.

Know your meds and take action.

Access report-card-style grades on common medications and treatments, evaluated by pharmacists.

Find the best treatment for your condition.
See if there's a more effective medicine at a lower cost.
Get updates about the effectiveness of your meds.

Who's behind MedSavvy

MedSavvy is a team of independent pharmacists who are pulling back the curtain on Rx effectiveness and out-of-pocket costs so you can make better decisions about your medications

Sean Karbowicz
Our founder, Sean Karbowicz, is a pharmacist who saw a better way to help consumers, doctors, and pharmacists make better decisions about treatments for various health conditions.

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Access feedback from others who have personal experiences with common medications, and post your rating and reviews of treatments.Join the community to rate and review medications, providing age and gender only for comparison.